finding fear

fall 2017 - Adobe Premiere & Audition 


"What is fear? "

This is the question that drove the entire production of Finding Fear. Created as a project for an Honors Development of Modern Horror course, this eleven and a half minute film explores the complex and confusing nature of one of humanity's most intense emotions: fear. 


With an emphasis on tight shots, lighting, and details, Finding Fear was created with an incentive to captivate the audience with subtle techniques that draw them in and submerge them in the atmosphere and storyline. I was the sole creator of this film, taking on the roles of writer, producer, director, editor, and cinematographer. Music was also arranged specifically for the production by a music student. It was shot in 4k using a Sony Alpha A6500 camera and edited with Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition. From scripting to final edits, the film's production took a total of seven months, starting in late May and finishing in late December of 2017.

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